Labour Agreement | Employment Agreement

Labour agreements and regulations need to be drafted in a clear and consistent manner. Keep it as simple as possible, in particular as far as bonus rules are concerned.

We draft and review for employers and employees full and part time agreements and top management contracts as well as employee handbooks including regulations about expenses, flexible working time, use of internet and private mobile phones etc.

Employees should know the mandatory rules of the labour law which cannot be amended by labour agreements.

Short uncomplex employment agreements are reviewed by us from CHF 350.-.

Parties to an employment agreement often disagree about the validity of contractual non-competition clauses. The validity and enforceability thereof strongly depend on the wording of the particular clause as well as other legal requirements such as the written form or the reasons for the termination of the employment.

Tonia Villiger, lawyer and attorney at law, is looking forward to helping you. Please don't hesitate to contact us.