Non-Compete Clause | Non-Solicitation Clause


We support you in editing, analysing, negotiating and prosecuting and definding non-compete (non-solicitation) clauses in employment / labour agreement in Switzerland.

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It needs a foresighted analysis to define whether a non-compete clause is formally valid and enforceable in the specific case. We highly recommend to directly engage an Attorney at Law (not only a legal consultant) which can provide you continuing support through all steps - analysis - negotiation - legal proceeding (where needed). 


Is your non-compete clause valid under Swiss employment law?

It is legally possible that an employee commits in writing to refrain from engaging in any activity that competes with the employer once the employment relationship has ended, and in particular to refrain from running a rival business for his own account or from working for or participating in such a business.

The prohibition of competition is binding only where the employment relationship allows the employee to have knowledge of the employer’s clientele or manufacturing and trade secrets and where the use of such knowledge might cause the employer substantial harm.


Are non-compete clauses enforceable in Switzerland?

The validity and enforceability of non-competition clauses / restrictive covenants strongly depend on the form, the wording, the reasons for the termination of the employment as well as other requirements. A strong non-competition clause may indeed prevent employees from taking up a new job, while a soft one is very difficult to enforce.


What are penalty payments?

In order for the employer to ease the enforceability of non-compete clauses, penalty payments may be agreed in an employment agreement / work contract. Normally, they can add up to a yearly salary. 


Is there a right to a monthly compensation?

The Swiss Law doesn't provide for monthly compensations for non-compete / restrictive covenants / non-solicitation obligations. However, they can be agreed in the employment contract. 


How do we proceed?

The analysis of an existing non-compete / non-competition clause includes the review of the clause in the employment agreement and the applicable regulations, the employment relationship as well as the reason of termination (CHF 200 - CHF 600). For negotiations an hourly rate will apply. Don't hesitate to contact us via Tel. 043 535 00 85 / villiger(at) or Internet.

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