Law Office Zurich

How does our collaboration look like?

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us as early as possible by phone or by e-mail without any obligation.
  • Simple, uncomplex questions may be answered by e-mail, after having offered you our terms and conditions. 
  • For all other issues we will schedule a personal meeting as soon as possible, in order to roughly discuss the case, your aims, the possible next steps, chances, risks and costs.
  • Some clients are happy with one single meeting. In all other cases, we will proceed step by step.
  • Our services will be charged on a time basis. All administrative services are included. Simple questions may be answered for CHF 150.- excl. onwards.
  • For certain matters, such as for the review of an agreement or a reference letter or of the application of a trademark, a flat rate can be considered.
  • Please check in advance whether you are insured against legal risks, e.g. by a health or household insurance / TCS / or any other association.   
  • A mandate is considered to be concluded only after the explicit acceptance by us and after the client has agreed to our conditions of which we inform separately.

What are the specific advantages of working with us?

Whereas larger law offices would handle your case by more than one person, Tonia Villiger is supporting you personally throughout the case, thereby ensuring consistance and efficiency. Compared to many providers of legal support in the internet, Tonia Villiger is highly qualified.